Push Up Program for Beginners and Advanced Athletes, 100 Push Ups in 6 Weeks Program
A simple and uncomplicated program for those who like to do push-ups and want to do it in about 6
How to treat knees if they hurt when squatting and standing up?
Knee pain may occur with movement (walking or bending). When the load decreases
To lose weight or to gain weight - how and when can you turn fat into muscle?
If you want to turn fat into muscle, or more accurately, lose weight and gain...
Bran can be a part of bakery products, photo
Bran for constipation - take it correctly and profitably
Bran is a grain processing product consisting of the outer shells of grain crops. In bran
Crunches on a block: abdominal exercise, technique and practical recommendations for performing crossover crunches
Standing crossover crunches Standing crossover crunches are an exercise that allows you to effectively
What foods contain carbohydrates - daily norm and food table
What are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates belong to the group of organic substances and necessarily contain a carbonyl group,
Shvung kettlebells: technique for performing press and push shvung, pros and cons
Athletes will always strive to progress and perform different exercises, introducing new effective techniques.
Turkey according to Dukan
Recipe for Turkey in French according to Dukan in the oven. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.
5 Prepared by: Vladimir Bratikov April 19, 2017 Cooking time: 2 hours 30 minutes Save I
BCAA 1000 caps from Optimum Nutrition
How to take Optimum Nutrition BCAA 1000 caps, features and composition
Valine, leucine and isoleucine are three essential amino acids. They take an active part in
Popular types of dance training
Zumba fitness: what it is, pros and cons, features and tips, examples of movements with photos
If you want to lose weight easily and with pleasure, then pay attention to the fitness program with
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